Eileen Kim

“What I really hope the audience takes away from the film is a deeper sense of empathy. I really hope that we can challenge ourselves to question our assumptions and question how we came to know the things we came to know.”

Born in Chicago, Illinois, Eileen Kim began her dance training at the age of 14 with Stella Voskovetskaya, a former dancer with the Kirov Ballet (Mariinsky Ballet). After attending a summer intensive at the Kirov Academy of Ballet in Washington D.C., Eileen received a merit scholarship to attend the year-round program. For the next two years, she studied classical ballet and contemporary dance under Mariana Labonova, Erin Forrest, and Anton Wilson. Upon graduating from the Kirov Academy, Eileen spent her last year of training in New York City at the Forrest Academy of Ballet under Erin Forrest. In 2018, Eileen joined Universal Ballet in Seoul, South Korea as an apprentice under artistic director Brian Yoo. She was promoted to the corps de ballet 6 months later. Eileen has performed in the corps de ballet of Coralli and Petipa’s Giselle, Petipa’s La Bayadere, Gorsky, Zaharov, and Petipa’s Don Quixote, Petipa, Ivanov, and Vinigradov’s Swan Lake, Ivanov and Vainonen’s The Nutcracker and Naharin’s Minus 16. She performed in various theaters throughout South Korea and toured with Universal Ballet to Paris in Swan Lake. Currently, Kim is pursuing a BFA in dance, studying at the USC Glorya Kaufman School of Dance in Los Angeles where she studied under former artistic director Jodie Gates and artistic advisor William Forsythe.