Tamir Rios

"My truth is the most genuine part of myself that I can contribute to this world. The only way to connect to other human beings is by expressing your most authentic self; as an artist, I believe in the importance of vulnerability. Ultimately, in this process, you inspire others to do the same.”

Jersey City native, Tamir Rios, has been a dancer for nearly 14 years of his life. He takes on a progression of personas through his art in an attempt to interpret the stories of his everyday life. Rios practices in all forms of dance but mainly focuses on his ballet and modern techniques. In 2017, Rios was offered the New Jersey Governors Award in Dance Arts from County Prep High School, where he majored in dance in the performing arts department. While overseeing dance in high school, in 2011 Rios began training at Nimbus Dance Works, where he was able to build up his techniques and understand himself better as an artist. A year later he earned a scholarship that benefitted him for the rest of his high school career. As a high school student, Rios had the door opened to train at Earl Mosley’s Diversity Of Dance, in Kent, Connecticut.

In 2017, Rios began his studies in dance at Montclair State University. Passionate about movement exploration and the connection between the mind-body and soul, Rios is recognizable for utilizing eye contact and his physical emotions to capture the nature of his existence through dance. At MSU, Rios has trained with a handful of choreographers from Maxine Steinman, Earl Frederick Mosley, Antonio Brown, Alwin Nikolais, Christian Vonhoward, and Stacey Tookey.

In time, Rios plans to use his everyday connections and skills to create new stories with the obstacles and challenges he comes into contact with.