Cameron Cofrancesco

“Dance has a wide range of functions, but for many including myself, it serves as a form of expression. I’ve learned that every gesture, even the smallest, contains an emotion and therefore a story. In the simplest terms, I see dance as a catalyst for empathy. It's a living art that teaches people powerful ways to speak and thoughtful ways to listen.”

Born in Caldwell, New Jersey, Cameron Cofrancesco always had a love for moving and creating dance. His formal training began when he moved to West Chester, Pennsylvania at the age of 11, dancing at The Rock School West for Dance Education. Here, he trained primarily in ballet and contemporary, but also took classes in hip-hop and jazz, later joining a hip hop group called Beat Addikts. He developed a deep appreciation and love for numerous forms of dance which led him to continue his dance studies at The University of Southern California Glorya Kaufman School of Dance.

Presently training at a collegiate level, Cameron has developed his own BFA concentration in dance, studying how concert and commercial dance are translated and received differently on stage and on-screen. His training is still ballet and contemporary focused, but he is developing a rich cultural understanding of many forms and how their movement aesthetics can overlap. He is also pursuing a minor in cinematic arts while filming and editing his own projects and dancing in projects created by his peers and other artists in the LA community.

 As a student, Cameron has worked with choreographers and guest artists including Jodie Gates, William Forsythe, Azure Barton, Hope Boykin, Barak Marshall, Jermaine Spivey, Desmond Richardson, Zippora Karz, Victor Quijada, Saleemah Knight, and Bret Easterling.